10 Innovative (and Delicious) Ways to Use Your Food Scraps

Make use of every morsel.
Make use of every morsel.
sanddebeautheil/iStock via Getty

Chances are, you’re cooking at home a lot more these days. All that extra cooking means your trash bin may be rapidly filling with food scraps. If you'd hate to see those bits of food go to waste美女视频黄频大全视频, check out these creative ways to reuse your food scraps. 

1. Reuse pickle brine.

After you’ve snacked on your last pickle, there’s no need to dump all that scrumptiously sour brine down the drain. Instead, like hard-boiled eggs美女视频黄频大全视频, canned artichokes, onions, garlic, or even watermelon rinds to the brine. You can tenderize meat with pickle brine by using it as a marinade; use it to give Bloody Marys an extra kick; add it to barbecue sauce for extra flavor; or you can even use it as a secret ingredient in .

2. Keep a scrap container in the freezer.

Vegetable peels and tops are excellent ingredients for homemade stock. It can take a while to accumulate all those morsels, so The Kitchn keeping a scrap bag in the freezer. You can even save parmesan rinds and add them to stocks or soups along with the vegetable scraps for a more robust flavor.

3. Roast potato peels for creative “crisps.”

Crispy potato skins in crockery
A most a-peel-ing snack.
leskas/iStock via Getty Images

The Guardian refers to these roasted, repurposed potato peels as “” and suggests tossing them in olive oil, sea salt, and herbs before popping them in the oven. The Kitchn is perhaps more realistic and refers to these snacks as something between a potato chip and a French fry, and roasting them for 15 minutes and then sprinkling them with cheese and scallions.

4. Use bacon grease to make bacon-scented candles.

美女视频黄频大全视频You already know you can bacon grease and cook with it to make pretty much anything all the more tasty. But did you know you can fill your home with the mouth-watering meaty aroma with some homemade bacon-scented candles? All you need is 1/2 a pint of bacon grease, 1 pound of beeswax, 1 square of red wax dye, and three candle wick bases. Then, follow these simple from MyRecipes.com to, as they say, “make your entire life smell like bacon.”

5. Make flavorful vanilla sugar from used vanilla beans.

Susan Westmoreland, culinary director in the Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, suggests reusing vanilla beans. “Because a vanilla bean has a great deal of flavor, it can usually be reused several times before its aroma and taste are depleted,” she . She suggests using the beans to make vanilla sugar. After washing and drying the bean, slit it lengthwise, spread it open, and bury it in a jar of sugar, using approximately 2 cups of sugar per bean. Vanilla beans are so potent, Westmoreland writes, that you can keep adding fresh sugar every six months and still get a strong vanilla flavor. You can use the sugar to flavor coffee or tea, as well as in baked goods.

6. Use leftover coffee grounds as skincare.

You shouldn’t use coarse coffee grounds on your delicate facial skin, but they can make for a great body scrub. Caffeine tightens and awakens the skin, and Elle mixing 1 cup of coffee grounds with 6 tablespoons of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of sea salt or sugar for an invigorating DIY beauty treatment.

7. Reuse tea bags in the bath, or as cool eye compresses.

Two women, one with tea bags on her eyes, the other with cucumber slices on her eyes
Create your own at-home spa experience.
omgimages/iStock via Getty

Well + Good recycling a few tea bags for a soothing, fragrant bath (they recommend using something like chamomile or ginger). Also, you can use cool teabags, particularly chamomile or green tea, over closed eyelids to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

8. Use eggshells in your coffee to make it less bitter.

Good Housekeeping adding an eggshell to your coffee grounds when they’re in the filter to make your morning cup of joe less bitter. The calcium carbonate in the shells, which is an alkaline material, helps neutralize the acid in the coffee. Eggshells are also great in the garden—as part of a compost pile, they decompose quickly and add calcium to the soil. They also repel plant-eating pests, and can even keep deer away from flower beds.

9. Reuse corn cobs to make corn stock, corn jelly, or even to smoke meat.

After you’ve stripped your corn cobs to make a delicious summer meal, you can use the cobs to make a sweet, golden-hued stock. You can also boil the cobs, strain the liquid, and add pectin for , or use them in place of wood chips over charcoal to give meat additional flavor.

10. Use leftover pasta water to create a unique whiskey cocktail.

Most foodies seem to agree that pasta water is liquid gold. Rachael Ray mixing some of it into pasta sauce as a starchy, salty thickener, as well as freezing the leftovers in ice cube trays to use later in sauces and soups. But one of the most creative uses for pasta water is courtesy of Kim Stodel, the beverage director at Los Angeles-based . Stodel NBC News in 2017 about a cocktail she created called the “Carbonara Footprint,” which uses one egg white, .75 ounces of pasta water, Angostura bitters, fresh lemon juice, and bourbon. Sounds like a great reward for reusing all those food scraps!

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Frequent Travelers Can Get Their Mile-High Snack Fix With Airplane Food at Home

Now you can enjoy airplane snacks without leaving the comfort of home confinement.
Now you can enjoy airplane snacks without leaving the comfort of home confinement.
SweetBabeeJay/iStock via Getty Images

In addition to headphones and screaming babies, one of the constants of airline travel is the snack. Cookies, pretzels, and other portable, pre-packaged foods are perfect for short treks. But as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, airlines aren’t doling out many of the snacks, and travelers might be missing a specific variety of cheese only an airplane can deliver.

美女视频黄频大全视频According to , a company is now acting as an intermediary between airlines and the grounded travel enthusiast. , a subscription delivery service that specializes in overstock food items, is currently offering JetBlue cheese and snack trays. The tray, which retails on the ground for $2.99, consists of a cheese spread, dried cherries, and crackers.

Rather than subject the cheese offering to a fate in a dumpster full of food waste, JetBlue its supplier to move some of its inventory over to Imperfect Foods. So far, that company has sold 40,000 of them. Airlines like Delta and Southwest are also donating snacks to food banks and other places in need. Delta’s Biscoff cookies have been diverted to frontline healthcare workers.

美女视频黄频大全视频Imperfect Foods is handling the pandemic overflow in other ways. The company is redistributing hotel pineapples and movie theater popcorn that would otherwise be languishing as those businesses see a sharp decline in patrons.

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