Coronavirus: 7 Ways You Can Help Your Community

Daisy-Daisy/iStock via Getty Images
Daisy-Daisy/iStock via Getty Images

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. currently stands at more than , with people in at least 47 states (including Washington, D.C.) harboring the disease. That number is significantly lower than rates in countries that have been hit the hardest by COVID-19, but according to experts, the pandemic has not yet peaked in America.

"I can say we will see more cases, and things will get worse than they are right now," , director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said at a House of Representatives hearing last week.

The easiest and most direct way to help your community at this time is to avoid contracting the disease and spreading it to others. That means washing your hands regularly and properly, practicing social distancing, staying home and away from other people if you're feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms, and following all protocols being set by your local government. If you're looking for more ways to do good beyond those precautions, you can support one of the many charities helping people whose lives have been disrupted by coronavirus. Whether you want to volunteer or donate, here are some opportunities to consider.

1. Donate to GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund.

美女视频黄频大全视频As coronavirus has swept the globe, medical care providers have struggled to keep up with the needs of the growing number of sick patients. This relief fund organized by the charity crowdfunding platform is aiming to raise $5 million for communities that have been impacted by the virus. The money will go toward providing healthcare, food, and water to the places that need it most around the world. As the situation progresses, donations will fund longer-term education and recovery efforts. So far, nearly 1500 people have donated just over $278,000.

2. Volunteer at your local food bank.

美女视频黄频大全视频Experts recommend that people prepare for a possible coronavirus quarantine by stocking up on pantry items—something that not everyone is in a financial position to do. Texas's is currently preparing for an increased demand for nonperishable goods by packaging quarantine meal kits, and they recently called on volunteers to help. You can reach out to the food bank in your neighborhood to see if they have plans to do something similar.

3. Donate to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's COVID-19 Response Fund.

Even if they haven't been infected, many people's lives have been disrupted by the threat of coronavirus. Canceled events and closed businesses have led to many people losing work at a time when being able to afford healthcare and basic necessities is especially crucial. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy's assists local nonprofits supporting people who are financially vulnerable at this time, including gig workers, hourly wage workers, immigrants, and people with disabilities. Based on where the highest needs are, donations may also be used to promote proper hygiene, support healthcare workers, and assist people in quarantine.

4. Donate blood to the American Red Cross.

As social distancing becomes the norm, the American Red Cross has had to cancel more than 1500 blood drives nationwide due to concern over gatherings and the risk of transmission of the viral illness. That means that the country's blood supply could be in danger at a time when we need it the most. While no data exists to indicate that COVID-19 can be transmitted via blood transfusion, the organization is taking every precaution to minimize the risk of contracting the virus during the donation process. In addition to enhanced disinfecting protocols at donation sites, prospective donors are being screened for symptoms of possible illness, including temperature checks, before being allowed into a collection area. And all donations are being made via direct appointment. If you’d like to donate, you can enter your ZIP code at the Red Cross to find a local donation center.

5. Donate to the Seattle Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund.

Washington state was one of the first areas to see a major coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., with the majority of American deaths from the virus happening there. The Seattle Foundation's was set up specifically to support communities in the greater Puget Sound region. Donations will be used to fund grants for organizations working with people both physically and economically impacted by the virus. The grantees have not yet been announced, but the foundation plans to work with United Way of King County and King County’s Pandemic Community Advisory Group to identify the most deserving recipients.

6. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

美女视频黄频大全视频Meals on Wheels provides ready-to-eat food to homebound seniors. Older people are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus, and as leaving their homes becomes more dangerous, the demand for this service has skyrocketed. The organization relies on volunteers to put together as well as to deliver them. Contact your to see if they need an extra hand, or if you'd rather help from home, you can make a donation.

7. Buy a gift certificate.

美女视频黄频大全视频Due to mandated business closures across the country, the livelihoods of many small business owners and their employees are being put at risk as long as restaurants, shops, hair salons, and the like are being forced to close their doors. One simple way to continue showing your patronage is to purchase a gift certificate to be used at a later date.

You Can Win Two Nintendo Switch Consoles While Donating to COVID-19 Relief

Chesnot/Getty Images
Chesnot/Getty Images

Since its debut in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular video game consoles on the market, 52 million units worldwide in just three years. But with that type of success comes scarcity—and if you’re looking to pick up your own Switch, well, .

The console has seen supply problems for the past few months due to the coronavirus美女视频黄频大全视频 pandemic, and used and are selling for well over the sticker value online. But with a little luck on your side, you could win two brand-new Switch consoles, thanks to this sweepstakes .

美女视频黄频大全视频Your first entry into the sweepstakes is free, but if you want to increase your chances, you can donate $10 for 100 entries, $25 for 250, $50 for 1000, or $100 for 2000. Those donations will then go International Medical Corps’s Epidemic Response Team—made up of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals—in their worldwide efforts against the coronavirus outbreak. This support includes everything from essential training for healthcare providers and equipment deployment to the administering of medicine and community outreach.

Along with the two Switch consoles, the winner will also receive two Ring Fit Adventure bundles, two Mario Kart美女视频黄频大全视频 wheels, and $600 to spend on more games. The deadline to enter is June 16, with the winner being announced on or around July 1. You can enter for yourself .

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Melitta Is Making Face Masks Shaped Like Its Coffee Filters

penkanya, iStock via Getty Images
penkanya, iStock via Getty Images

In the early 1900s, a housewife named Melitta Bentz changed history when she transformed a piece of paper from her son's notebook into the world's first disposable coffee filter. Today, the Melitta company is applying their founder's innovation to a very different problem: the worldwide face mask shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reports, Melitta is uniquely suited to meet demand for personal protective equipment. By coincidence, the distinctive design of its filters is the perfect size and shape to cover the nose, mouth, and chin of an adult face. And while paper coffee filter material isn't especially protective, the material Wolf PVG (which Melitta also owns) uses for its vacuum-cleaner bags is. The vacuum bags are made from nonwoven super thin fiber that's created through a process known as melt-blown extrusion美女视频黄频大全视频. This material also happens to be the primary component of medical-grade masks.

美女视频黄频大全视频By feeding its melt-blown fiber into the machine it uses to make its coffee filters, Melitta has been able to transition to mask production faster than other businesses trying to do the same. The company has produced about 10 million masks so far, and it plans to sell and donate them within its home country of Germany.

Melitta's melt-blown fiber face masks may not be available in the U.S., but you can use their coffee filters as a DIY mask in a pinch. Just poke two holes in the sides of the filter and loop hair ties or rubber bands through them before pulling the loops over your ears. This isn't an ideal face mask, as you'll have to after one use, but it's a quick DIY option for when you're in a hurry to get out the door. And if you feel silly wearing a coffee filter on your face, slipping it into a homemade cloth mask美女视频黄频大全视频 also works.

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